Valentines Day is a Holiday?

Since when was there a holiday purely made to make men spend money, make people feel bad about themselves for not having a relationship, and causes a flower to cost 200% more than it should? To be honest, if your girlfriend needs flowers, chocolates, jewelery, or an expensive dinner to stay with you on one day a year, that isn't a real holiday. If that's how it is, then it should be flipped. In all honesty men take so much more shit from women than they do. Listening to them talk about things that make us want to beat our heads off a wall, watching them get pissed for no reason, or refusing to tell us what we did wrong when we are clueless are only a few examples of how men take so much more shit from woman than they do from men. The fact that men have to buy roses at a price that makes you cringe is stupid. If their girlfriends need that just to be happy and and see the flowers die in about 1 to 2 weeks... There's no reason for it be a holiday like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and even Mother's day. They all have some history or appreciation following them. While Valentines day is a holiday made by business' to increase profits. If it is a holiday then they should make the Superbowl and Superbowl Monday a holiday just because they at least have some use. But the fact that they are not, is why we hate our generation. (DISCLAIMER - we do not hate affection or love, but we think it should happen without the need of a holiday.)

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