Rap Music or Rape Music?
Everybody enjoys a couple rap songs here and there. But let's make this abundantly clear: anybody who consistently listens to rap music is prone to being brainwashed with the ideas that high school is the best time of your life, and you should enjoy it with partying on the weekends and doing drugs and their lives will be great. However, unfortunately that isn't the case at all. The only thing rap music does is ruin teenagers lives with introducing them to the idea that if they do what the rappers did to get them where they are, they will become millionaires and live an easy life and be famous. But they're missing the big picture in that the only reason those people got there is because they got into trouble with drugs and their lives were so bad that they couldn't even get a job that could support a family of three. So it leads back to these young people taking mottos from these rappers that are saying just go with it and you only live once so do whatever you want with it. How about you make yourself useful in a failing society because more people like you are becoming low-life trash that aren't amounting to anything because they're having sex like it's nothing and doing cocaine at age 15 or younger when in reality they could've become successful individuals in important fields. The fact that people actually take life lessons from 30 year old drug addicts is completely disturbing and is a main reason that our country is falling behind everybody else. Thank you generation; you're failing our country by putting it in a bad economy and political system; because you're basing your life off a low-life lucky one in a million individual who is addicted to heroin and won't make it to age 50. If you listen to their music, and I mean really listen to the words, most are completely, for lack off a better word, fucked up in meaning. Let me know how following in his foot steps are in ten years when you're married to some guy with 2 kids making $7.25 an hour  making artificial food at McDonald's. Those kind of people are why we hate our generation.

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