So you walk with charcoal on your head..

I am not a religious person to start. But it's not that i was raised in a bad house or anything, it's just i hated it all growing up. We had those CCD classes growing up we had to do so we can get confirmed and take the Eucharist, that literally was hell. The volunteer teachers sucked, we didn't want to be there to begin with, and it interfered with many things. My class honestly made a volunteer quit... She never came back... maybe she died... i really don't know. But i don't blame her, we had kids pretend to not know how to write, we changed names every day, and constantly talked about aliens and science and made her seem dumb. There are so many ceremonies that the church does that really makes me wonder why... Does going to church every Sunday make you a good Catholic? Do you really like the Catholic Church? Do you understand the church? It doesn't make sense, such as do you know why suicide is a sin? It wasn't until there were too many people doing it. It was so bad, people set up gangs in the middle east on trading routes and would murder people hoping that they would die in their actions. The church said WOAH! Do not do that... Bad. When god never popped in and said not to. They just decided to do it. I could go on for awhile but point is, going to get some charcoal on your head and walking around with it doesn't make you a good catholic. People you look into something before you believe it, and 'faith' isn't an answer. Faith is derived from information to trust it, when i find nothing the church has ever done to be trustworthy in my eyes. People, be educated, your idea of 'faith' without reason is why we hate our generation.

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