High School

Forwards and shit


I hate when get those "blah blah blah sob story about a creepy girl ... if you don't forward this to 10 people you'll die"... I never have done one of those, and HEYYY still here! And i find it hard to believe if i do some BS forward ill find my true love this year. Sure they may make up some creepy story about a little girl who is dead, but that doesn't mean i want to hear about, nor do i really care... The one that really is dumb are the ones that say 'if you can read this message... (some crap with numbers instead of letters then says) it's amazing what the human brain can do!!' when the human brain is literally the MOST complex thing humans have ever found in the universe. The things it can do are not even known, they will continue to find things as long as we study the brain. The fact that i can decipher a message made for an 8 year old is quite annoying not amazing. Go read a book or learn something new instead of looking at some forward a person you haven't talked to since 84' sent you. Because you know nothing is worse than getting a text, being excited, thennnn a forward :(, especially when it's from someone you want to talk to. If they wanted to talk to you they would say 'hey', but if you think about how you send a forward, you send it to the people you really don't care about. Says a lot about those people right? So honestly, stop with the uneducated "FWD"s and posts because it is why we hate our generation.

Why did the author write it? Why the hell do you care...

Did you ever take a test and it asks 'Why did the author write this?'.. and you sit there and think HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW!You can't tell why someone writes... they like to write, they want to tell you what happened, but there's never the option "he wanted to make money" or her couldn't make it anywhere else in life so he resorted to English and got lucky. But by reading this passage, I notice that he just sucks and is in a company that made him do it. There's plenty of other questions you could ask that would pertain to the text, but you give me an opinion question.Why are standardized tests so stupid, i know that you need to make it even for everyone but don't you want to make everyone a little bit smarter? Kid's are already dumb enough in this country and we want to dumb things down to make everything even? It's completely idiotic. Taking a test to see how we'd do on ANOTHER test, is completely uneducated and English teachers need to teach us what would be useful instead of half the crap we learn. This is why i like math better, there's one answer, one best way, you can't change things and make it seem like another idea, or write a poem that has nothing to do with something but argue it symbolizes some kind of crap such as something generic like 'life'. Many of the questions on those types of tests don't even require you to read the text... pretty reasonable, that is why we hate our generation.

Follow your dreams? Or survive having them?
If you have an 'outlandish' dream in high school, kids will always try and tear it down... There's a 100% chance that they will try and tell you that you suck or that you wont go anywhere in it. You want to write a song, do it and show it to people, want to be an artist go and paint or draw and enter it in contests and see if it'll work. The best part about high school is the biggest ass holes will go no where in life, and you wont see or communicate with 90% of your graduating class within 5 years after you graduate. It's a time to explore what will work and what wont, and you wont get anywhere listening to people's opinions who have nothing going for them when you do. Just because someone say's you wont make it somewhere kind of says more about them, maybe they can look in a mirror and so where am i going? If you don't think high school is worth it, it's just a gateway to college and a career where you'll be successful and the others... well sorry about that. Don't let others tear down your dream when, in today's world, anything can make you famous or make you money. If you're that guy think about why you do that, why are you trying to tear a kid down, what're you achieving... and just know you're why we hate our generation.  

English Class: To Exist or Not to Exist? Shakespeare gives us the answer.

We all know English class is important; basically because we live in America, and most Americans speak English except for those farm grazers down south that aren't even legal citizens, but we don't care because we pay them cheap for hard work. But back to the main point. We need English class because we need to speak English, unless you want to sound like a pathetic soul from West Virginia which in that case you should just be killed if you ever want to go near there or be part of them. But to tell me that we have to read Shakespeare who was apparently a "genius author" who writes stories in incoherent fashion and doesn't follow any rules of grammar but gets away with it because he calls them poems is very unreasonable. First of all, why do we need to read them? They serve no purpose and no actual information is acquired through reading one of Shakespeare's pieces. Nobody for a job interview is going to ask you, "Hey, what happened in Romeo & Juliet?" because nobody cares. We all get the general gist of what happened, and if you don't I would second guess whether or not you are one of those farm grazers who can't speak English. However, anyways; instead of learning how to read a story from Shakespeare and getting no actual information out of it; how about we make use out of English class and learn how to manipulate the English language so we don't look like idiots when we go to speak or write for colleges and use improper grammar. Because I come from a decently large school in Western Pennsylvania 90% of the kids in our class failed the grammar pretest in the beginning of the year. Now don't get me wrong, but how do kids make it into high school without being able to use proper grammar? We were supposed to learn that in Elementary school. High school should be used to be able to use English for real world purposes and how to use it properly instead of reading some author who doesn't give us any knowledge at all that we can use later in life. For this reason, I am glad our English departments are ghastly and most people can't speak or write properly. Thank you schools, thank you Shakespeare, thank you State Laws, and most certainly thank you Generation; we all hate you.

Can you really be that dumb?

In high school, you see countless kids who a lot of people just know aren't going anywhere... If you cannot pass basic, academic classes the first time, you're a waste on society. They either do not care, or are that dumb, or both. But neither are an excuse. "I don't care about school", is something I hear all the time from kids I know, and is so stupid. You're telling me you don't care about your future? You don't care about your life, and you're only 16? What are you expecting to amount to in life?! You want to do nothing and are wasting away a free education that most people in the world do not get?! It isn't that hard to pass classes, academic classes are, you show up and do a 10 minute homework assignment a night and you get an A for remembering small amounts of information on the homework or listen to your teacher talk. IT ISN'T HARD! You wonder why the United States is failing, it's not the government or anything, it's the millions of kids like that, that can get through school and let down society and then beg society to help them on welfare because they can't get a job... Then people get angry when they drug test you to go on welfare. SORRY TAX-PAYERS DON'T PAY FOR YOUR WEED! If you want to smoke weed go ahead, I have nothing against it, I think they could legalize it and get the US out of the massive debt they amounted, but don't drag society even further down by using welfare to get it. Back to the subject before though, if you're that dumb that you cannot pass classes you need help. That's the truth, look at your life and do something about it cause with the "no child left behind" BS it's not hard to pass classes. Maybe everything is too easy in this society people got lazy and don't care, but when CHINA, i repeat, CHINA is the next world power, the US people have no one to blame but themselves. Those types of people are why we hate our generation.

High School Girls, People or Creatures?

To begin, just because you heard the term "Y.O.L.O." in a song on the radio, does not mean that it's some magical excuse for you to get railed by 3+ dudes every weekend.The fact that many high school girls are becoming crack-addicted whores is absolutely terrifying. It has gotten to the point where these girls cannot go out in public without makeup caked on their face. If your occupation on Facebook is "making your girlfriend your ex" you should immediately re-evaluate your life. You just told us how much of a stupid, whore you are. You're not cool and doing that stuff doesn't make it any better. When you have no career and are broke on your ass with some pathetic guy at age 24, you only have yourself to blame. The up and coming female race is why we hate our generation.

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