Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Welcome to Why We Hate Our Generation. A compilation of arguments and thorough reasoning simply based off of why we hate our generation. To view the posts on this blog; click the tabs of the categories in which you would like to read about. Sound simple enough? Well that's because it is. We hope you enjoy this site and come back frequently for new updated posts and features.

Note: (This is not intended to be offensive to any specific people; just nice crude, classy humor.)

Side Note: (We are just beginning, please be somewhat patient with our updates, posts, etc.)

Set Up
For those that may like the blog please know how we will be doing it from now on. We will be making more posts on a WEEKLY basis, not daily. We want to be able to take our time and write good things because these ideas are hard to come by. But when they do we write like wild fire. We hope that you will continue to read and check in to see more and give us your support. Thank you and be sure to come back soon!