I'd take millions of dollars for a concussion..
                                       (Tony Dorsett suing the NFL because "They use you up"
                                       I mean I guess that wasn't his job or anything. Pretty logical
How can players get paid so much money and sue a league for injuries that they got while playing.. I'd take a few concussions for 3 million dollars a year any day of the year. I don't know if players in professional sports realize how much money they actually make, the AVERAGE player makes 1.9 million a year today... Why do you need so much money!? You play for 5 or 6 years and you would be set for life if the NFL's average IQ wasn't 55. If they can't live with their injuries maybe they shouldn't have chosen a career that is known for many many injuries anywhere from concussions to broken bones to ACL tears. Much of this post has to do with the NFL players suing the league for sustained concussions in a career. Tony Dorsett is one of those people, who signed a 1.1 million dollar contract his ROOKIE year. I'm not positive on the total amount he made in his career, but ill put it this way. If someone makes $50,000 dollars at age 20 and works 20 years, they will make LESS money than Tony Dorsett did on his one contract of his lengthy career. Today that's even more, some players make 1 million in a year. In one year an athlete makes more than a citizen with a good job does in 20 years. What has happened to our society? To make it worse the players want more money than they already have because they got hurt in a contact sport, or were sent into play with concussions that, at the time, were not as much of an issue or health factor as they are today. I know that a concussion now is known as a serious injury but the players put themselves in that position. They wanted to make the money, so take a few concussions and live a life of luxury, or don't go to the NFL, get an average salary as a US citizen and work 20 times more than NFL players for the same total pay. It makes me sick that they want some kind of compensation or whatever it is when they have more many than anyone who reads this. Those over 300 ex NFL players are why we hate our greedy generation.

Ya, you know sports...
                                                          (Phil Simms)
I hate how announcers act like they know what they're talking about. They put in those stupid comments that you think 'oh really... what made you think that...' and feel dumber for having to listen to it. Like in a 10 - 0 baseball game in the 8th inning saying that they need runs and shouldn't get it all in the last inning... oh no way man! i thought you could only score in the 9th! THANKS! It's as if they think were mentally challenged. But what's with those baseball stats, like hes .452 this season in this stadium, at night, in July... ummm how is that really a statistic... who really knows these, or comes up with them? It'll be like oh ya this guy is .548 after the all-star break, against these guys when it's raining, Why would you make that stat, like sure the .548 seems good but thats like saying 'this guy is batting .457 when he doesn't strikeout'. Noway man, he's doing better when you remove most of his outs... stupid things like this are why we hate our generation...

ESPN Top Tens?
                             (You can clearly see how only jumped about a foot off the ground 
                              which isn't very impressive for a 6' 10" black professional athlete.)

During the winter months, the ESPN Top Ten plays get worse and worse as winter drags on. Slowly as football ends, top ten plays are filled with the 'amazing' plays by NBA players like Blake Griffin dunking a ball or on an alley oop... WOAH! Never saw that before!!! This isn't the WNBA, every time someone gets a dunk it isn't amazing. These men are professional athletes in a sport that honestly has gotten worse with less shooting and more jumping 12 feet in the air. These men do nothing but jump for months and are mostly over 6 foot with reaches that give them an extra 2 and a half feet closer to the rim. Today an alley oop is about as common as a home run in baseball. They are not impressive ESPN quit showing 7 out of 10 top plays from the NBA/NCAA dunking a basketball... it sucks. When we were younger we remembered Top Ten plays being the best thing on ESPN, and now they're just disappointing during the NBA season. It what our generation has turned into, and is why we hate it.

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