Conspiracy on top of Conspiracy
Today there might be a conspiracy about everything... Literally some of the most ridiculous things you'd ever imagine are conspiracies, from events to lizard-people. But my question is why are there so many conspiracies? I'm not saying that a conspiracy is right or wrong, but the idea that there needs to be one says enough itself. When something happens, they should talk about it as it happens or say exactly what happens without change. In Roswell, the US government retracted a source saying it was a UFO to weather balloon. During 9/11, some TV stations said that the towers fell before the actual thing happened. That is why there are conspiracies. Why can't it just be the truth, why does there always have to be a shadow of doubt on something, why would something be hidden. The US government honestly does hide things, and they say it's for the people but if it was, isn't truth a principle instilled in us when we were kids? Why wouldn't they just give so much information people would be tired of it. If there are aliens on Earth, i believe that people could honestly handle it, it wouldn't cause mass chaos, I for one would be excited. Hiding does nothing to people but continue to question, and distrust their own countries. Did you know that the President has numerous levels above him of people who have more power than him, they have clearance above his, they know more than him about certain things. He doesn't know everything that happened, and he cannot know, it's a goal achieved by not letting him know everything so that if something happens, he can deny knowing about it for the good of the country. When there are levels above him with information and projects we don't know about. Whether or not it's for the good of our country or not is up for debate, but one thing if for sure, it pisses me off. Not knowing the answer is the worst, and is why we hate our generation.

 Drugs- They are the solution.
Alright we all know drugs are illegal.However, we all complain how the economy sucks, and how everybody's life is constantly miserable. The normal escape route for some people are drugs and alcohol. I'm only 16 so what do I know, but why can't society legalize them. First off, it would greatly improve the economy; no reason to even explain why, it's pretty self-explanatory. Secondly, the reason people do drugs is because their lives suck and they are absolutely miserable, and the drugs make them happy, so why not let people be happy when they want to be? So many people continue to buy and sell illegal drugs, some get caught while others don't, but they're just trying to make business, jails wouldn't be nearly as filled if drugs were legal; therefore taxes would be decreased, another improvement in the economy and a second reason for people to be happy. Most people would agree that drugs are bad, for the obvious reason. Just look at Whitney Houston, but she's ridiculous buying $3.5 M of drugs throughout time, then she died. But everybody knows they are really bad, and everybody has been told in Elementary school to let people be themselves and do whatever they want and just ignore them if you don't like what they're doing. So why can't society use that for drug usage? Lastly, when is the last time society has made a 'great discovery' , I don't exactly know the right answer to that, but I do know that it hasn't been for quite awhile.  However, look at all the miraculous things that drugs have brought us: The Beatles: They are considered to be one of the best bands of all time, if not the best, and they wrote their songs while they were high on drugs. 
Also, look at all the accomplishments that have happened thanks to drugs.

Francis Crick discovered DNA thanks to LSD.

Dock Ellis Trips His Way to a No-Hitter
The day of the no-hitter, Dock Ellis woke up around noon on what he thought was Friday and ate three tabs of acid, then later pitches a no-hitter, remembering nothing about it afterward.

  What Ellis saw during the game. 
Freud and Cocaine Invent Psychoanalysis 

A Coke Addict Makes a Coke-Flavored Cola and Calls it Coke
I got this information from this link:Read more: The 5 Greatest Things Ever Accomplished While High |

Back to the topic. We can all agree that the discovery of DNA is one of the most important in science history, coke is one of the most popular beverages in the world, psychoanalysis is great for people who aren't following me or don't agree, no-hitters are hard to come by, unless you're Roy 'Doc' Halladay, and the Beatles are all fantastic. The fact that we have yet to realize how wonderful drugs are is why our society sucks and why we hate our generation.
(DISCLAIMER: We are not drug addicts, and we, personally don't use drugs.)
There's a Reason I Want to Use DVR
                                           (I mean come on she could at least be good looking....)
Today an hour long show is more than 15 minutes commercials. That's one fourth of the entire program... Are you kidding me?! It'd be okay if these were entertaining but today's commercials are the most pitiful I have seen in years. I don't think that an ugly ginger shaking her butt to some dumb song in the background is a good commercial for you Sun Drop. She isn't just ugly, she's dressed as if she is 4 and is blind. For starters, she's wearing a head band on a beach... she has jean shorts on with leggings under, you look retarded... she dances around and looks like an idiot, if you think that's funny okay, its good for you but to me it's just stupid. Not to mention if you like the commercial, i bet you never thought of the product. Define "citrus soda"; 7 Up, Sprite, Sierra Mist, etc. It's nothing new, it just has a dumb commercial with it. It doesn't just have to be a stupid commercial to be bad, they may have just overused things. Flo for the Progressive Insurance is getting very old, very fast. It was okay at the start, new, kinda funny. But now get that annoying lady off my screen with her stupid red lips, and dumb hair please, it's atrocious. Even on the biggest stage the commercials were very low quality to me. Coke overused the polar bears, but at least Coke didn't have stupid Kings like Pepsi did, doing god knows what and instantly lost half the audiences attention, then Go Daddy continues to do the stupid thing that always leads to a let down online, David Beckham is old and has probably the least influence of major athletes in the US purely because he plays soccer, sorry. All the commercials weren't funny or entertaining to me, you think with the millions of dollars they spend they'd make a good commercial. It's these types of things that make me worship my DVR so i can skip through all the crap. I'd go mad if i didn't to be honest, the commercials honestly make me angry. I could continue to list what makes me mad but it'd take forever because nearly every commercial you see makes you think..."what the hell were they thinking..." because we know we could do a better job, or at least tell them that that idea sucked. The fact that I can't watch my TV without DVR is why we hate our generation.

Lighten up? Or toughen up?

Why is today's society so sheltered around everything? You get hit, sue them. Smack your butt, sexual harassment. Someone says something to you, verbal assault. Like really? You can't do anything today without it being completely blown out of proportion. Want to know a little history? Less than 200 years ago people in the US were challenging each other to duels where they shot and killed each other to end disputes. Less than 125 years ago there were gangs and mafias that took the law into their own hands and did as they pleased. Less than 75 years ago kids would fight in school over things said and teachers would watch. It solved the problem and straightened kids out. Today although, you fight in school, instant out of school suspensions and you go to court. But when you kill someone you go to jail for maybe 7 years, maybe 25, maybe not at all. Based on the trial! Why can Casey Anthony kill her kid and not go to jail?! Because some judge decided that there was some doubt she didn't do it? When you were younger most likely you heard the 'treat others how you want to be treated', so if you murder someone, shouldn't you be murdered as well? If someone is sentenced to death, why don't they kill them? They wait for years to get a trial where all they do is waste money to keep them in jail and feed them, and waste space in our over-crowded jails. Much of this can be solved by the words of one of my teachers, 'it only takes one'. He was talking about how they used to tie the limbs of a person to 4 horses and tear them apart if they were a bad part of their community. It only takes one person to have that done, to straighten out the rest of the community. Today you murder people and are sentenced to death you get to sit in a chair and get things pumped into you and die slowly, painlessly. To be honest that doesn't even sound bad, and if i don't think it's bad, then psychopaths don't either, cause they're not normal already. But if we do more things to make it worse, then i don't think people will want to murder someone over a relationship or some gang thing if they could be facing a guillotine, stoning, lynching, or anything the Catholic Church did during the Inquisition. Point of the matter is that today people are so sheltered and soft to things around them. Maybe we should toughen up and then maybe we won't hate our generation as much.

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